The project here is to cultivate a discipline focused on comprehending the flaws of the modern world, then envisioning a way to transcend it and practice a disciplined lifestyle which has the unique insights of modern philosophy combined with the guiding principles of old-school tradition. The goal is to experience the benefits of the traditional world in a creative new way which is capable of sustaining itself within the modern world. I emphasize lifestyle because I think the natural outcome of a well developed worldview will have to be a lifestyle manifestation. It is too common for some to just be content with their contrarian politics without actually practicing a life that is significantly different from that of the world they criticize.

I write this very casually, you will probably see poor grammar and sentence structure and my writing style may be a bit dry and boring, but I think it is functional enough when it comes to saying what I want to say.

If you find any of these ideas compelling then you might consider looking at my Inspirations and Library pages for more similar content from other people.


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6-1-2022 - Explaining Woke Capitalism
~ Uncovering the true reasons for the political wokeness of corporate america.

3-18-2022 - Profane Equality VS True Equality
~ Analyzing where equality truly exists and where it doesn't.

12-29-2021 - Tribalism and The Nuclear Family
~ How tribalism turned into the nuclear family and how that ruins our social well-being.

10-21-2021 - Understanding Hedonism
~ Analyzing prominent hedonistic trends and attempting to defend against them.

9-6-2021 - An Esoteric Case Against Democracy
~ Analyzing democracy through the metaphysical dichotomy of quantity VS quality.

7-8-2021 - Historicity VS Rationalism
~ How rationalism is deconstructing the traditional life and what is to be done about it.

6-18-2021 - What The Wilderness Can Teach You
~ How hiking can free your mind from the claws of industrial society.

6-10-2021 - Marriage And Tradition
~ What we can learn from traditional marriage practices.