My project here is generally to build a postliberal worldview and a lifestyle to align with it, though I may occasionally write about other things. Postliberalism is a discipline focused on anticipating the flaws and potential collapse of the liberal world, then envisioning a way to transcend it and build a lifestyle which has the unique insights of modern philosophy combined with the guiding principles of old-school tradition.


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9-6-2021 - An Esoteric Case Against Democracy
~ Analyzing democracy through the metaphysical dichotomy of quantity VS quality.

7-8-2021 - Historicity VS Rationalism
~ How rationalism is deconstructing the traditional life and what is to be done about it.

6-18-2021 - What The Wilderness Can Teach You
~ How hiking can free your mind from the claws of industrial society.

6-10-2021 - Marriage And Tradition
~ What we can learn from traditional marriage practices.