Historicity VS Rationalism

Liberalism originates from a negation of historicity in favor of rationality. This was a political trend during the collapse of western european monarchies, it can be seen as early as the 1700s in events like the french and american revolutions and finally culminating in world war 1. This political trend began with early rationalist philosophers such as Descartes and Locke, who effectively argued that historical precedent was morally inferior to the subjective will and experience of the individual. This drove them to conclude that consent of the governed was the only acceptable way for a government to exist and that divine authority was impossible. This consent based morality was best satisfied through the consent ritual of voting. This ideology of liberalism was attractive to those who were in political conflict with the monarchies, it allowed them to enlist the general population to aid in their power struggle, leading to the rise of democracy in the west and the situation we find ourselves in today.

So what is historicity in this context? Well, its really just the idea that it is impossible to detach humans from their history. The present is the actualization of history. Humans are always influenced by those before them. A historic truth is one which has been passed down, tested by time and proven to be functional, useful and unchanging, these truths are called traditions and are a high form of knowledge as well as a high form of social behavior. Traditions and their participatory nature tend to increase the social cohesion and well being of society by guiding us into doing things which are good, sacred and divine, while pressuring us away from things that are blasphemous, socially destructive and bad. Historicity can manifest in many things from monarchy, the king rules because he owns the place and always has; to religion, we believe in God because we are His people and always have been.

History is to a nation as memory is to a person. With its history forgotten a nation will be lost and without purpose, not knowing what path it is on or what it exists to do. It and its people will become weak and without direction, just as a person deprived of memory through brain trauma or dementia is disoriented and confused.

The establishment of liberalism in the west has had unforseen consequences, particularly the dismantling of many important traditions. The struggle of historicity vs rationality is still the fundamental struggle in politics today, it has just moved on from negating monarchy to negating traditions in general. Traditions such as the family unit, gender roles, hierarchy, monogamy and religion are now understood as outdated social constructs which exist purely out of historical precedent and only serve to restrict individual liberty. Once again, the subjective experience of the individual is viewed as superior to the time tested validity of traditions. The individual then has the moral capacity to commit absurd acts like denying their own biological gender with the tolerance of society.

The problem with liberal rationalism is that its own spread is indicative of the truth of historicity. Rationalism has spread and gained wide acceptance through academic and institutional pressures that feed into social conditioning. Following the world wars nobody has really had to creatively maintain rationalism, it now exists as historical precedent, paradoxically.

The political struggle to revise history to favor certain groups and to subvert others is also indicative of the truth of historicity. People will vote a certain way if they can be convinced that their vote will help to undo an evil history. Historical revisionism would not be useful for altering human behavior if historicity was not true. Historicity is fundamentally assumed to be wrong when this political process argues that we can and should strive to transcend our history and maximize rationality, but also assumes that it is right in that we are the actualization of an evil history that needs to be undone. Many who oppose historical revisionism and victimary politics will tend to argue against them with a shallow appeal to individuality, "Why should I be held responsible for things my ancestors did that I didn't do?", but the truth is that you are undeniably the living actualization of the history that they despise. A better way to counter them would be to embrace your history. If you're in the U.S. you should embrace your history of great exploration, virtuous liberty, the defeat of the british in the revolutionary war, the great spread of christianity, the moon landing, the ending of slavery, and the moral values that powered it all. Instead of tunnel visioning on what you're told is a negative aspect of your history, celebrate your achievements. A positive view of history strengthens a people, while a negative one cripples and divides them. The simple truth is that your interests as a traditional american rely on the preservation of american history, if you think your traditional lifestyle is good then it is important to understand that the history that led to it is also necessarily good, despite any imperfections.

Understanding the history of rationalism and its progression will shed some light on its trajectory into the future, since it is also a product of historical influences. Rationalism as it currently is will likely dismantle everything that we value as a useful tradition. The timeless historical truths that serve as the foundation for a good civilization will be abandoned and won't be able to hold society together. Traditions will have to be rediscovered in the blank slate that rationalism will leave us with. The process of arriving at that blank slate may look a little bit like this:

It is an unfortunate truth that we will have to rediscover tradition and reestablish a proper and pure historicity as a dominant driver of civilization, hopefully this article has kickstarted that process within you. This is the duty that has been handed down to us by the civilizational cycle, which has chosen to use liberalism as its point of collapse. Good luck.