Moistgoulash's Super Tasteful and Comfy Bookshelf

All of these are books I recommend. I would also recommend reading all of the fiction here blindly, without knowing too much about it beforehand. The reviews are there if you need more convincing though.


Notes From Underground - Dostoevsky: Brilliant and disturbing psychologial insight, a classic.

Crime and Punishment - Dostoevsky: A dramatic look into the mind of a troubled and guilty man.

Stoner - John Williams: The deeply depressing and unfulfilling life of William Stoner.

Dune - Frank Herbert: Probably the best science fiction out there.

Invisible Cities - Calvino: 55 cities described meaningfully.

Lord of the Flies - Golding: An exhibition of the savagery that's dormant within all of us.

The Death of Ivan Ilych - Tolstoy: The slow, emotional, and insightful death of an average man.

The Picture of Dorian Gray - Wilde: The Faust legend retold in very good victorian british writing.

The Stranger - Camus: A man confronts the inherent absurdity of life with debatable success.

At The Mountains of Madness - Lovecraft An antarctic expedition faces the horror of the unknown.

Blood Meridian - McCarthy A gruesome, brilliant and innovative epic western that is hard to read.


Human Smoke - Nicholson Baker: World War 2 History with a twist.

Meditations - Marcus Aurelius: A classic in self help and stoic philosophy.

Metaphysics of War - Evola: Analyzing the spiritually fulfilling nature of war.

The Origin of Language - Gans: A linguistic theory that turns into a theory of everything.

Anthropomorphics - Bouvard: The best insights offered by Generative Anthropology.

Crisis of the Modern World - Guenon: A spot-on metaphysical diagnosis of our declining society.

Nemesis - C.A. Bond: Illiberal political theory based on Jouvenel's analysis of power.