Moistgoulash's Super Tasteful and Comfy Bookshelf

All of these are books I recommend. I would also recommend reading all of the fiction here blindly, without knowing too much about it beforehand. The reviews are there if you need more convincing though.
Some reviews are written with more effort than others and some use different approaches to analysis, so you'll have to forgive the inconsistency and lack of cohesion here.


Notes From Underground - Dostoevsky: Brilliant and disturbing psychologial insight, a classic.

Crime and Punishment - Dostoevsky: A dramatic look into the mind of a troubled and guilty man.

Stoner - John Williams: The deeply depressing and unfulfilling life of William Stoner.

Dune - Frank Herbert: Probably the best science fiction out there.

Invisible Cities - Calvino: 55 cities described meaningfully.

Lord of the Flies - Golding: An exhibition of the savagery that's dormant within all of us.

The Death of Ivan Ilych - Tolstoy: The slow, emotional, and insightful death of an average man.

The Picture of Dorian Gray - Wilde: The Faust legend retold in very good victorian british writing.

The Stranger - Camus: A man confronts the inherent absurdity of life with debatable success.

At The Mountains of Madness - Lovecraft An antarctic expedition faces the horror of the unknown.

Blood Meridian - McCarthy A gruesome, brilliant and innovative epic western that is hard to read.


Human Smoke - Nicholson Baker: World War 2 History with a twist.

Meditations - Marcus Aurelius: A classic in self help and stoic philosophy.

Metaphysics of War - Evola: Analyzing the spiritually fulfilling nature of war.

The Origin of Language - Gans: A linguistic theory that turns into a theory of everything.

Anthropomorphics - Bouvard: The best insights offered by Generative Anthropology.

Crisis of the Modern World - Guenon: A spot-on metaphysical diagnosis of our declining society.

Nemesis - C.A. Bond: Illiberal political theory based on Jouvenel's analysis of power.

2 John - John the apostle A study on the uncompromising importance of the concept of truth.