Wiby.me A search engine that indexes minimalist and old fashioned sites

info.cern.ch The first site on the world wide web (from 1991)

Eel Slap Slap this man with an eel.

Jelly Mario Jelly Mario

Pink Trombone Human throat simulator

May Day Mystery Every may 1st this magazine releases a mysterious page

Postmodernism Generator Generates a postmodern article

ASCIICKER A 3D ASCII game. Press Q and E to move the camera.

noclip.website Noclip through several classic games and mess with their graphics

Jerry Maguire Pyramid A nice collection of Jerry Maguire VHS tapes

chihuahuaspin.com He spinnin

Sans Fight Fight sans in your browser

lhohq.info Laughing Horse's Orifice Headquarters

zoomquilt.org Infinite painting

orteil.dashnet.org Some fun javascript creations

wttr.in Minimalist weather checking site

teddit.net A minimal and privacy respecting reddit frontend

nitter.net A privacy respecting twitter frontend (may have some issues)

privacytools.io A site to educate yourself on online privacy A superior DNS

spyware.neocities.org Site that classifies various programs based on how much they spy on you

windows93.net A humorous in-browser operating system

burymewithmmymoney.com Bury me with my money

showmetheimage.org Show me the image

biggulpsupreme.neocities.org This site is just fun to look at

thiswojakdoesnotexist.com Disturbing wojak generator

Spurious Correlations Weird correlations

Staggering Beauty Shake vigorously

vimm.net The best ROM site

Earthbound Battle Backgrounds I use this as an aesthetic new tab page. (Use arrow keys to control)

gifcities.org A classic gif archive, this is where I get many of the decorations on this site.

Lileks.com A huge archive of classic marketing aesthetics and pop-culture imagery

Universal Paperclips A funny and disturbing clicker game about making paperclips

wtfhappenedin1971.com Everything wrong with the world ties back to a single event in 1971

Wikipedia Articles

Assemblywomen A surprisingly funny greek comedy about women taking over the government.

List of assassination attempts on Adolf Hitler This man really just kept getting away with it.

Brocken Spectre Possibly the phenomenon behind ghost sightings.

Marvin Heemeyer Killdozer

Operation Mincemeat A bizarre british deception operation from World War 2.

MK-Ultra The CIA doing CIA things.

Ricardo Lopez A unique case of celebrity stalking.

Sokushinbutsu Buddhist monks taking their meditation to the next level.

Overtoun Bridge Dogs jump off this bridge for seemingly no reason.

Richard E. Byrd Man goes on an expedition to antarctica and the government hides his findings.

Bohemian Grove U.S. elites meet up here every year and do super weird rituals with tight security.

Georgia Guidestones A set of stones with a strange inscriptions on them, placed by an anonymous rich guy.

Incorruptibility Some bodies of christian saints mysteriously don't decompose.

Numbers Station Some radio stations broadcast formatted numbers for mysterious communication.

Sea Peoples This mysterious group of unknown people destroyed every bronze age civilization.

Angus Barbieri's fast Hardcore weight loss.

Hunter Versus Farmer Hypothesis A unique analysis of ADHD.

The Hard Problem Of Consciousness A case against mechanistic and materialistic consciousness.